The science and technology is so helpful in the modern society, and it is difficult to live without the truth from these two concepts. The DNA tests have grown popular in the last two decades where individuals are using these tests in different areas. The DNA results are used in areas such as identifying the paternity relationship of many individuals, and it is used in medicine by health specialists and in the legal activities. The biological uses of the DNA tests are so essential for many individuals. In understanding the paternity relationships, the individual can easily identify the family background. It is useful in many organizations that are protecting the children rights to ensure that they identify the birth fathers of certain children. The increment in the number of the street children in past years was because the street children could not identify their birth fathers by looking with the naked eyes. Nowadays, you will not get children coming from remote areas to streets to look for their parents since the DNA tests can be easily identifying and fathers can be found.

The DNA tests are so useful in determining cases in the courts. This happens in case a child is being neglected in a family, or the individual has committed a crime. The DNA kits are allowing the legal costs to look for the individuals who have committed murder cases and other human life-threatening activities. Different suspects can be brought to the court, and the individual whose DNA results rhymes with the results taken earlier in the court is vindicated. It offers admissible evidence in the court that the individual cannot deny. 

The hospitals are prone to cases of stolen children in claims that the dead children are through everywhere. With the DNA tests, the right mothers and fathers of certain children can be acquired. While undergoing treatment for some illnesses, a DNA test is essential for the doctor to ascertain the type of medicine and treatments that are used on your body. You cannot be treated from illnesses without ensuring that your DNA results are compatible with the type of treatment being administered in the hospital. ChIP Seq gives you more information.

It is necessary to understand that there are two different DNA test that includes the in-home and the chain of custody testing. The in-home is normally done for removing the curiosity on the paternity issues while the chain of custody testing which occurs by following the legal acceptance and documentation and is mostly used in the courts.

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